What we do...
  • Lean Manufacturing / Six Sigma
  • Multi-Plant Operations
  • Ring Laser Gyroscopes (RLGs) and Fiber Optic Gyroscopes (FOGs)
  • Digital and Analog Circuit Card Design
  • Replacement of Obsolete Electronic Parts
  • Environmental Testing including Vibration and Thermal Vacuum
  • Radiation Qualification Testing
  • Services and Support
Aerospace Parts

Aerospace Area
  • Tactical Communications
  • Sensors and Situational Awareness
  • Advanced Targeting and Navigation Technologies
  • Traffic Management Centers/Video Walls
  • Test and Supervise the Manufacturing of Aircrafts

Our Practice Areas
  • Roads, Highways and Bridges
  • Rail/Transit
  • Aviation
  • Water/Sewer/Utility
  • Facilities
  • Military Installation
Practice Areas

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