Fred Costanzo delivers keynote lecture at the 88th Shock and Vibration symposium, Jacksonville, FL

Mr. Costanzo is a recognized expert in the field of underwater explosion shock, structural analysis and in the application of numerical methods to the solution of complex engineering problems. He has made significant contributions both domestically and worldwide for 40-plus years. He served as Head of the Applied Mechanics Branch of the Survivability and Weapons Effects Division in the Survivability, Structures, and Materials Directorate, Carderock Division, NSWC. The scope of his Branch’s tasks included projects involving the application of complex computational tools to large problems, the planning and execution of detailed survivability testing series, the interpretation of dynamic response measurement data, and the transformation of dynamic ship and submarine response data into design and test criteria for survivability. Mr. Costanzo has worked in the area of submarine and surface ship shock and survivability since 1975. His work focused on the development and application of shock analysis techniques for the assessment of the effects of underwater explosions on Navy ships and submarines. He also worked extensively in developing shock qualification design and test criteria for shipboard equipment. Mr. Costanzo has extensive experience in the NATO Survivability Subgroup on Ship Combat Survivability, which covers a very broad range of disciplines (including shock, blast, and fragmentation). This experience has fostered an understanding of the intricate interrelationships of these varied disciplines, and the strategies one must apply to achieve a reasonable balance in the area of protection against these damaging effects. Mr. Costanzo led or participated in numerous weapons effects trials that involve both shock and blast effects. He also led major Navy R&D efforts for the integration of advanced isolation systems for shock and whipping into emerging surface ship designs. He has been active in applying advanced modeling and simulation (M&S) strategies to solving underwater explosion shock problems and recently led extensive efforts to develop technically feasible alternatives to explosive testing for conducting first of class shock trials (FSST) across the Navy enterprise. He also has developed competency in the application of several computational tools and finite element programs. Additionally, his experience involves a heavy concentration of efforts related to structures, structural response to shock loadings and vibration excitation, including both allowable stress and allowable loads design. He specializes in numerical solutions of mechanical systems subjected to shock and vibration loadings in support of design verification and survivability assessment efforts. He is also proficient in numerous computational tools that are special purpose research codes, hull girder analysis codes, and internally (NSWCCD) developed simple shock and survivability weapons effects codes. Since his retirement after 38 years of federal government service, Mr. Costanzo has formed an engineering consultant LLC for which he is the sole proprietor. His post-federal government work has included serving as a consultant to Brüel & Kjær North America for support in the area of structural dynamics, and to Thornton-Tomasetti (Weidlinger Applied Science) for collaboration on a variety of STTR/SBIR efforts. Additionally, he has directly supported NSWC Carderock in a number of tasks, including the development and presentation of a comprehensive shock training course in underwater explosions fundamentals and the shock response of naval ships to the Finnish Navy and Finnish defense contractors in Helsinki, Finland, as part of a bilateral data exchange agreement between the two countries. He has also been active in mentoring recently hired engineers at NSWC Carderock in the area of underwater explosion phenomena and shock data analysis, and was recently hired by M&J Engineering, currently serving as principal investigator on a Navy sponsored SBIR. Mr. Costanzo actively participates in the annual Shock and Vibration Symposium, chairing technical sessions, presenting three-hour training tutorials and technical papers. He also serves on the forum’s Technical Advisory Group and was presented with the 2014 SAVE Lifetime Achievement Award.