U.S. Army Garrison Fort Riley, KS - Bridge and Waterfront Facilit...

Bridge and Waterfront Facility Inspections at Various Worldwide Installations

M&J Engineering performed biennial bridge inspection services at U.S. Army Garrison Fort Riley, Kansas home of the First Infantry Division, "Big Red One". The entire program involved 77 structures (bridges and culverts) in various locations on this 100,000-acre military installation. Work also included the review of reports, preliminary inspection scheduling, safety meetings and preparation of field inspection letters.

Prior to any field work commencing, a safety meeting with the Project Manager and the inspection team was held to review the project and safety considerations specific to the site. This pre-work also included coordination with the Fort Riley Army Command Project Manager, the equipment vendor and the preparation of the pre-inspection letter.

Five high level bridges had to be accessed with the help of a basked snooper and some work had to be performed over a weekend due to a lighter traffic load. Limited traffic control and lane closures were needed.