Intelligent Transportation System Maintenance, NY Overview

NYSDOT Region 11


Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) Maintenance New York, NY

M&J is the prime consultant on the construction inspection effort to maintain the growing NYSDOT JTMC (Joint Traffic Management Center) central and field equipment base. The M&J staff on the project provides a high-end service that allows the day-to-day problems to be quickly solved, often without the need to generate work orders for the maintenance contractor.

A significant amount of "reverse-engineering" effort is required to adapt components available on the open market today to replace the older equipment components no longer available.

Our ITS professional staff is providing the following services
  • Conventional inspection
  • Integration
  • Trouble-shooting
  • Programming / provisioning
  • Interface with the JTMC operations staff
  • Development of a software suite of diagnostic and test software
  • On-site staff support
Skill Set
  • Gig-E Ethernet
  • Fiber-Optic Design/Testing
  • Construction Support
  • System Engineering
  • Planning / Conceptual Design
  • Probes / Detection
  • ArcView/GIS
  • Inventory / Data Collection
  • VMS
  • Hands-On Technical
  • Fiber Optic OTDR / Splicing