MTA-PD - Regional Radio, NY, CT Overview

MTA Long Island Railroad / Police


MTA-PD Regional Radio System, New York and Connecticut

As a sub-consultant to Booz Allen Hamilton, this project involves a conceptual design / alternative analysis and subsequent 30% design for a new two-way radio system for the MTA Police. The new two-way radio system is expected to provide continuous patrol car radio coverage for all of the rail lines of MTA-Metro North, MTA-Long Island Railroad, and the Staten Island Railway.

The goal of the project is to provide coverage along the railroad right-of-way and also the areas between routes to the greatest extent feasible. M&J's work centers on identification of existing back-haul, development of costs and analysis of existing and prospective tower sites, cost estimates for back-haul and equipment specification, and the development of the 30% plan set including tower site work.

Skill Set
  • Radio Engineering
  • Wireless
  • Backhaul / Fiber
  • Site Layout
  • Structural Attachments