Intelligent Transportation Systems Fiber Assignment, Bronx, ... Overview

NYSDOT Region 11


Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) Fiber Assignment The Bronx, NY

M&J Engineering is in the process of conducting a field investigation that will validate the existing condition of the fiber optic cable plant for several corridors in the Bronx by using "reverse engineering".

Our work has four primary steps:
  • First, information from the original design plans, construction notes, any available OTDR testing records, and as-built documentation on the fiber plant were collected and used as a starting point.
  • Second, the work will validate fiber that is currently in use and look for dark fibers on the fiber trunk lines that were not allocated as part of the original design.
  • Third, OTDR tests will be compared to the design documents to determine if each fiber has appropriate distance to reach the terminus splice and the number of splices that the path includes.
  • Finally, corrections to the splicing at the intermediate boots will be attempted and verification will be subsequently made that the fiber path is complete and successfully tested with a power meter.
The project will also include these tasks
  • Complete documentation of the fiber trunk lines in Microsoft Excel Format
  • Updated overview schematics in CADD format documenting existing conditions
  • OTDR and Light Source / Power Meter testing results
  • Fusion Splicing
Skill Set
  • Fiber Optic Design / Testing
  • ArcView / GIS
  • Fiber Optic OTDR / Splicing