NCDPW - Old Country Rd Traffic Signal Replacement

NCDPW - Old Country Rd Traffic Signal Replacement

roadsM&J Engineering is providing Resident Engineering and Inspection services for this project which includes the replacement or modification of 72 signalized intersections on a busy corridor in Nassau County.

The replacement or modification of the 72 traffic signals includes the installation of fiber cable in over 15 roadway miles of interconnect conduit and will require a more complex installation as well as testing techniques. Fiber cable installation, splicing, provisioning of the Ethernet equipment, and testing are critical elements of this project and requires close monitoring and oversight to assure a successful result.

The fiber cable installed under this project will provide for the expansion of infrastructure of central signal control utilizing fiber technology in Nassau County and will also provide a backbone for the installation of Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) equipment to provide centrally controlled traffic management capabilities on County roads. Increased trunk line capacity will also allow expansion of the fiber optic network to adjoining arterials that this major east-west arterial crosses.

Other major elements include the removal of existing signal poles, control cabinets, cable foundations and signal displays, span and mast arm pole and foundation installation, LED vehicular and pedestrian signal display installation, signal cable installation, 2070 Microcomputer control equipment installation, vehicle detector and pedestrian pushbutton installation, video detection equipment to replace traditional loops requiring zone configuration and possible interface to network, pavement marking modification and installation, pavement restoration to support loop installations, signal and interconnect conduit installation, fiber optic cable installation, splicing and testing and roadway and sidewalk restoration.