On-Call Traffic Engineering Services, Nassau County, NY Overview

Nassau County Dept. of Public Works


On-Call Traffic Engineering Services Nassau County, NY

As a subconsultant for GPI, M&J Engineering has been providing both design and construction management services under this on-call assignment. The work involves the county's traffic signal reconstruction program and includes the following assignments:

  • On-Going Construction Inspection of On-Call Traffic Intersection Upgrade Construction - From March 2007 to the present, M&J has provided a full-time senior inspector for the project who works under the daily supervision of the county. In this assignment, the senior inspector supervises the on-call contractor, who is rebuilding intersections that were designed as part of the design effort.
  • Nassau County Incident Management System Inspection for Old County Road - M&J Engineering has been selected by the county to provide a resident inspector that will supervise the work of the contractor in constructing numerous field CCTV, fiber optic interconnect cable, and central head-end equipment.
  • Searingtown Road and Americana Mall Traffic Signal Replacement Design - M&J Engineering completed the full design of the signal reconstruction at Searingtown Road and Americana Mall. The work included field survey, base mapping, and preliminary and final design drawings. Work included addressing comments with Nassau County staff, and then the design drawings were finalized and submitted to the county for construction.
  • Nassau County Traffic Signal Expansion Phase 7 - M&J Engineering initiated an assignment under GPI to field inventory sidewalks through which conduits were placed that will contain fiber optic interconnect cable. The work included field survey and preparation of AutoCAD base mapping files derived from the Nassau County GIS system for approximately ten miles on four signal reconstruction corridors.
Skill Set
  • AutoCAD
  • Field Survey
  • Base Mapping
  • Traffic Signal Design
  • Fiber Optic Cables
  • Loop Detectors
  • Field Inspection