NYCDOT Far Rockaway Overview




Pete D'Amico
NYCDOT Director
(718) 786-2825

M&J provided office engineering and construction inspection services for the Far Rockaway Sandy Restoration project. During the flooding it was discovered that all street lighting and traffic light concrete foundations did not have a sufficient depth to structurally support the poles. Subsequently, it was necessary to replace over 600 luminaries and 130 traffic signal intersections.

M&J was responsible for keeping minutes of progress meetings between the agency and contractor, compiling correspondence logs between all interested parties, tracking daily work locations, field engineering force summary, maintaining Engineer’s daily diary, reviewing inspectors daily work reports, assembling a file system related to all contract documents, generating weekly, monthly and customized reports related to contract management and operations. M&J's proficiency in the execution of NYS Manual of Uniform Record Keeping procedures, knowledge of Microsoft Word, Access, and Excel has supported project production and efficiency.