ATIS Communication Network (SMRP SBP, HRP, & CCP) Various To... Overview


$24 Million


NYSDOT - ATIS Communication Network in Various Towns, Westchester County, NY

ATIS Communication NetworkM&J Engineering, as a sub-consultant to GEB, is providing Resident Engineering Inspection services for an Advanced Traffic Management System / Advanced Traveler Information System (ATMS / ATIS). This project includes the construction of over twenty (20) 110 poles and foundations designed for high-bandwidth microwave / wireless backbone service manufactured by BridgeWave and Proxim.

To reduce costs of construction this system, the project extensively utilizes solar cells to power much of the field equipment, thus reducing the need for expensive installation of electrical conduits along wooded parkways located in Westchester County, including the Saw Mill River Parkway, Sprain Brook Parkway, Hutchinson River Parkway and the Cross County Parkway.

The work is divided into four primary parts:
  • First, it includes conduit excavation / backfill, fiber optic cable installation, pull / junction box installation, electric service / cabinet installation, conduit jacking or boring, pole excavation and concrete foundations and installation of various components (switches) for the system.
  • Second, the work includes some ITS Construction support for this innovative large scale deployment
  • Third, once constructed, the system and equipment are to be tested by the contractor to verify compliance.
  • Finally, M&J will also remove and replace guide rails in work areas and landscape the affected areas of the project to establish plantings and turf.