NYSDOT - Route 9W at Short Cove Road

M&J Engineering provided Construction Inspection Services for the reconstruction of Route 9W that involved the elimination of a Railroad Grade Crossing at Short Clove Road and the construction of a new intersection and two (2) new concrete bridges. Responsibilities included: inspection of pile driven foundations, placement of false work, monitoring Contractor’s demolition and erection operations, containment systems, protective shielding, and structural lifting operations that affect existing and proposed structures, concrete abutments, reinforcing steel, SIP forms steel beams, High Performance Concrete (HPC) Deck, bridge parapets, bridge approach slabs, pavement milling, pavement excavation, HMA paving, highway & bridge lighting, drilled shafts, placement of H-piles and soldier beams, retaining walls, drainage systems, night time operations, maintenance and protection of traffic, work zone traffic control, preparation of field change sheets and quantity work-ups.

Furthermore, M&J provided the following items of work: Elimination of the CSX Railroad Grade Crossing, relocation of Short Clove Road, construction of a new 85-foot span bridge; Trench and culvert excavation and backfill for structures, Superstructure slab with integral wearing surface; diamond grinding of surface deck, Longitudinal saw-cut grooving, structural approach slabs with integral wearing surface Type 1 friction, Type EL baring 1079.8 KN, armorless bridge joint system, bridge railing, pedestrian & bicycle railings, single slope concrete bridge barrier, class HP concrete for footing and abutment wall, uncoated bar and epoxy coated bar reinforcement for concrete structures, and erection of pre-stressed box beam units.

  • Bridge Parapets
  • Drilled Shafts
  • Work over CSX Railroad
  • HMA Pavements
  • Protective Shielding