Superstorm Sandy Restoration and Mitigation of the Queens Mi... Overview

MTA Bridges and Tunnel (M&J Prime Consultant)

$236 Million

Ongoing, 2014-2019

As a Joint Venture Partner, M & J Engineering is providing the Resident Engineering Inspection Services for this MTA/TBTA project  that includes repairs to roadway, concrete liner, roadway ceiling slab and in exhaust and fresh air ducts; tunnel leak repairs; rehabilitation/replacement of tunnel curbs and gutters; replacement of the fire line system; replacement of tunnel finishes including veneer ceiling panels, ceramic wall tiles, polymer panels and doors; cleaning and corrosion inhibitor application to tunnel concrete liner, ceiling slabs, and other structural systems; rehabilitation of the cathodic protection system; replacement of the low-tension duct bank system and cables (including temporary electrical construction), catwalk and handrail; electrical replacement including the roadway, exhaust and fresh air duct lighting systems, code call system, electrical boxes (E boxes) and components.

Tunnel traffic control and communication system (including telephone, emergency pull station, signal control, VMS and lane use signals), CCTV monitoring and fiber optic system; installation of emergency exit lights and signage; replacement/rehabilitation of the tunnel drainage pumping system; abatement of lead and asbestos; repair of retaining walls, concrete structural slabs and subsurfaces, grouting, repair/replacement of roadway expansion joints, sidewalk, restoration of asphalt wearing course and striping in the plaza and maintenance and protection of traffic.