PennDOT Rapid Bridge Replacement P3, PA Overview


$899 Million

Ongoing, 2015-2017

Enrico T. Bruschi, P.E. CQM
(412) 930-4229

PennDOT Rapid Bridge ReplacementThe Pennsylvania Rapid Bridge Replacement Project is the largest road project in Pennsylvania history and will replace 558 structurally deficient bridges across the commonwealth under a design-build-finance-maintain (DBFM) public private partnership (P3) arrangement between PennDOT and Plenary Keystone Partners. Most of the bridges included in the program range from 40 to 75 feet in length and are located in rural regions on the state highway system. PennDOT chose the P3 structure to accelerate the replacement of the bridges and facilitate efficiencies in design and the construction of bridge components. In order to begin addressing the state’s roughly 4,000 Structurally Deficient (SD) bridges, and the lack of funds available in the transportation trust fund, PennDOT decided to use P3 as the project delivery method of choice. This project includes the repair and/or replacement of 558 aging bridges in just three years, completing construction by the end of 2017. The bridges are primarily crossings on smaller state highways, many in rural areas, rather than interstate bridges or large river crossings.

M&J Engineering is currently providing Construction Quality Control Services on this project, overseeing construction progress, concrete and rebar quality testing, Maintenance & Protection of Traffic (MPT), Asphalt Paving Inspection, Soil Erosion & Sediment Control Inspections (Weekly & Post Storm-Event), Materials Verifications, Pile Driving Inspections, Concrete Compressive Strength Testing Observation, Concrete Pre-Placement Inspections, Concrete Placement Inspections, Concrete Curing Inspections, Demolition, Creation of Punch-Lists, Waterproofing, Bearing Installations, Beam Erections, Conducting On-Site Pre-Event (Deck-Pour, Paving, Demolition) Meetings, etc.