SBIR Phase I Submarine Design Contract to Support NSWC Carde... Overview

Naval Sea Systems Command


Phase I of III

M&J’s Navy Group is currently serving the Naval Sea Systems Command (NAVSEA) on Phase I SBIR for Verification and Optimization of Advanced Finite Element Modeling Techniques for Complex Submarine Hull Structures. For current and future submarine designs, there will be an increased emphasis on the certification and acceptance of new structural configurations and details thorough the analysis of complex finite element models (FEM). This is certainly true for qualification by analysis (QBA) in the area of structural design for the present COLUMBIA-class submarines.

The primary effort to be conducted under Phase I is to develop a concept for the development of a design tool to improve FEA practices for complex geometries within submarine pressure hulls.

  • Review Existing Standards and Guidance for the Creation and Review FEM
  • Plan the Development of New Standards for FEM Creation and Evaluation
  • Create Prototype Software for FEM Evaluation
  • Investigate New Technologies for Model Review and Quality Control
  • Develop Plans for Verification and Validation of the New Design Tool