U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Multi-purpose Building Potoma... Overview

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service



M&J Engineering is providing architectural and engineering services for the design and construction administration of a new 5,417 square feet administration facility that meets the requirements of a USGBC LEED Silver building. The building is designed to have the state-of-the-art, green energy efficient features and meeting sustainability. Additionally, the scope of work includes a new access road and parking areas at the Potomac National Wildlife Refuge (NWR) Complex in Woodbridge, VA. The new facility will provide for present and future administrative and public use needs for the complex which includes Occoquan Bay NWR, Elizabeth Hartwell Mason Neck NWR, and Featherstone NWR. A VE Study will be conducted after the 33% design in accordance with the Department of Interior Department manual – Section 369, and the USFWS Engineering and Construction manual, Section 360, VE criteria and policy requirements.

Project consolidates multiple smaller USFWS facilities into a new multi-purpose facility containing admin and community functions. The building contains many sustainable features, such as roof mounted photovoltaics and LEED Silver. The administration building’s location is within the refuge and when finished, will contain an public outreach educational component.